*Note- All world maps will come in your term-1 , India maps will be there in term-2 exam , although Chapter-8 is not in your term-1 syllabus you will be asked map questions from it .

  1. Largest country in each continent in terms of area

2. Areas of subsistence gathering

3. Major areas of nomadic herding of the world

4. Major areas of commercial livestock rearing

5. Major areas of extensive commercial grain farming

6. Major areas of mixed farming of the World

7. Major areas of Mediterranean agriculture of the World

8. Ruhr region, Silicon Valley, Appalachian region, Great lakes region
9. Transcontinental Railways: Terminal Stations of transcontinental railways – Trans Siberian, Trans Canadian, Tran Australian Railways

10. Major Sea Ports:

-Europe: North Cape, London, Hamburg

-North America: Vancouver, San Francisco, New Orleans

-South America: Rio De Janeiro, Colon, Valparaiso

-Africa: Suez, Durban and Cape Town

-Asia: Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Aden, Karachi, Kolkata

-Australia: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne

11. Inland Waterways: Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Rhine waterway and St. Lawrence Seaway

12.Major Airports:

-Asia: Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Jedda, Aden

-Africa: Johannesburg & Nairobi

-Europe: Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome

-North America: Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico City

-South America: Buenos Aires, Santiago

-Australia: Darwin and Wellington

Practise + My Map video -> Full score in Maps

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