Q1. Which of the following links producing centres to consuming
A. Transport
B. Communication
C. Trade
D. All of the above
Ans: D

Q2. What provides network of links & carriers through which trade
takes place?
A. Trade
B. Transport
C. Communication
D. Both A & C
Ans: B

Q3. The service for the carriage of persons & goods, services from one
place to other using human, animals vehicles is known as.
A. Trade
B. Transport
C. Communication
D. None
Ans: B

Q4. The first public railway line was laid in which year?
A. 1853
B. 1850
C. 1825
D. 1915
Ans. C
It was laid between Stockton & Darlington in the year 1825

Q5. Autobahns a term for roadways is used in which country?
A. Singapore
B. Brazil
C. Alaska
D. Germany
Ans. D

Q6. Which continent has the highest road density?
A. North America
B. Europe
C. Asia
D. Africa
Ans. A

Q7. Which of the following is a solution for urban transport?
A. Higher parking fee
B. Expressways
C. Improved public service
D. All of the above
Ans. D

Q8. The metalled roads constructed for unobstructed vehicular
movement are commonly known as:
A. Highways
B. Unobstructed roads
C. Special Vehicular roads
D. Both B & C
Ans. A

Q9. Which of the highway links Vancouver to St. John’s city?
A. Alaskan Highway
B. Pan American Highway
C. Trans Canadian highway
D. Trans continental stuart highway
Ans. C

Q10. The roads laid along international boundaries are known as:
A. State roads
B. Highways
C. Link roads
D. Border roads
Ans. D

Q11. The trains which carry millions of passengers to & fro in the city
are known as:
A. Tube trains
B. Commuter trains
C. Special trains
D. Goods carrier trains
Ans. B
These are very popular in India , Japan & USA

Q12. Tube train is popular in which of these countries?
B. Japan
C. Vienna
D. France
Ans. C

Q13. Which of the following country has highest total length of
B. Russia
C. India
D. China
Ans: A
Lowest in Brazil

Q14. Railways important in London & Paris are known as:
A. Tube trains
B. Commuter trains
C. Underground railways
D. Express railways
Ans. C

Q15. Channel tunnel connects which two important cities?
A. London-New York
B. London-Paris
C. Paris-Los Angeles
D. Mumbai-Delhi
Ans. B

Q16. The railways which are constructed for political economic reasons
& run across continents is known as:
A. Trans-Economic Railways
B. Trans-nation Railways
C. Trans-Continental Railways
D. None
Ans: C

Q17. The most important route in Asia which runs from Petersburg to
Vladivostok , the longest, double tracked & electrified is :
A. Trans Siberian Railway
B. Trans Canadian railway
C. Union & Pacific railway
D. Orient express
Ans: A
Length:- 9332 km
Importance: Helped in opening Asian regions to European markets
Across:- Runs across Ural Mt. , Ob & Yenisei River

Q18. The total length of trans Canadian railway is:
A. 9332 km
B. 7050 km
C. 7658 km
D. 23578 km
Ans: B
From & To:- Halifax to Vancouver
Importance: Connects Quebec Montreal Industrial region with prairies
Economic Artery of Canada
Important exports: Wheat & Meat

Q19. Name the railway line which connects NewYork to SanFrancisco.
A. Orient express
B. Union & Pacific railway
C. Australian Trans continental railway
D. None of the above
Ans: B

Q20. Name the railway line which connects Perth to Sydney
A. Orient express
B. Australian Trans continental railway
C. Trans Siberian railway
D. Trans Canadian railway
Ans: B

Q21. Orient express runs from :
A. Paris to Kabul
B. Rome to Paris
C. Paris to Istanbul
D. New York to Shanghai
Ans: C

Q22. The busiest sea route in the world is :
A. North Atlantic sea route
B. Mediterranean Indian ocean sea route
C. South Pacific sea route
D. Cape of good hope sea route
Ans: A
Links N-eastern USA to N-Western Europe
1/4th of the world trade moves across this route
Also called Big trunk route

Q23. The sea route which passes through the heart of the old world is:
A. Cape of good hope sea route
B. North atlantic sea route
C. South pacific sea route
D. Mediterranean Indian ocean sea route
Ans: D
Ports on this route: Aden, Mumbai, Colombo
Connects West European region with West Africa & S-E Asia

Q24. Which of the following sea route connects industrialised west european region with West Africa, South-east Asia ?
A. North Atlantic ocean
B. Cape of good hope sea route
C. Mediterranean Indian ocean sea route
D. Pacific sea route
Ans: B
It connects the highly industrialised Western European region with West Africa, South Africa, South-east Asia and the commercial agriculture and livestock economies of Australia and New Zealand

Q25. North pacific sea route links which of the following?
A. Red sea to Mediterranean sea
B. Ports of N-America with ports of Asia
C. West Europe with Australia
D. Aden- Colombo
Ans: B

Q26. Which of the following sea route connects W-Europe & N-America
with Australia & New Zealand
A. North atlantic sea route
B. South pacific sea route
C. Cape of good hope sea route
D. None
Ans: B
Honolulu is important port on this route

Q27. The convenient mode of transport with long coastlines is:
A. Oceanic routes
B. Sea routes
C. Coastal shipping
D. Both A & B
Ans: C

Q28.Which canal links Mediterranean sea with the red sea?
A. Panama canal
B. Suez canal
C. Red Creek canal
D. Norton canal
Ans: B
Constructed in 1869, between port said & port suez
Gives Europe a new way to Indian ocean
Reduces direct sea route distance between Liverpool & Colombo
It is a sea level canal 160km in length & 11-15 m in depth
Heavy tolls are imposed on movement across this canal

Q29. Panama canal connects
A. Atlantic ocean to Pacific ocean
B. Red sea to Mediterranean sea
C. Pacific ocean to Indian ocean
D. Arctic ocean to Pacific ocean
Ans: A
Constructed across Panama Isthmus by US govt
72km long canal , involve deep cutting of 12m
Reduces direct sea route distance between New York & San Francisco
Essential for the economies of Latin America

Q30. Name the world’s most heavily used waterway?
A. Danube waterway
B. Rhine waterway
C. Volga waterway
D. St. Lawrence sea way
Ans: B
Lies across Germany & Netherlands
Navigable for 700 km from Rotterdam
Flows through rich coalfield basin & manufacturing area
Connects important industrial areas with north atlantic sea route

Q31. Which waterway connects interior parts of USA with Gulf of
A. Mississippi waterway
B. Danube waterway
C. Volga waterway
D. Rhine waterway
Ans: A

Q32. Which country pioneered the use of commercial jet transport?
C. Canada
D. Germany
Ans: B

Q33. Milk is supplied from farms to factories through pipelines in which
of these countries?
B. Australia
C. New Zealand
D. Brazil
Ans: C

Q34. The pipeline which carries petroleum from oil wells of Gulf of
Mexico to N-E states of America is:
A. Big Metre Pipeline
B. US Oil pipeline
C. Big oil pipeline
D. Big inch pipeline
Ans: D

Q35. Which of the following allow large quantities of data be
transmitted rapidly & securely?
A. Optic fabric cables
B. Optic fibre cables
C. Data cables
D. Digital cables
Ans: B

Q36. The largest electronic network on the planet earth is:
A. Telephone network
B. Mobile network
C. Internet
D. Power
Ans: C

Q37. The contribution by india in satellite development is evident from
which of the following satellites?
A. Aryabhatta
B. Bhaskar-1
C. Rohini
D. All of these
Ans: D
Aryabhatta- 1979
Bhaskar-1 – 1979
Rohini – 1980

Q38. The world of electronic computerized space encompassed by the
internet is commonly known as:
A. Digital space
B. Cyber gap
C. Internet space
D. Cyber space
Ans: D

Q39. The length of roads for every 100 sq. km is highest in :
A. India
B. Japan
D. Belgium
Ans: B

Q40. The Trans–Continental Stuart Highway runs between
A. Darwin and Melbourne
B. Edmonton and Anchorage
C. Vancouver and St. John’s City
D. Chengdu and Lhasa
Ans: A

Q41. Which of the following sea route has less traffic because of limited development?
A. Cape of good hope sea route
B. Southern Atlantic Ocean
C. North Atlantic Ocean
D. North Pacific Sea route
Ans: B
It connects West European & West African countries with Brazil, Argentina Uruguay

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