Class XII History

Hello! Dear Learners, scroll through the list to find your desired lesson and click on the link below. We have complete list of all MCQs , and Maps for your term 1 exam. Happy learning!


Books- Themes in Indian History I, II & III

  1. Bricks,Beads and Bones (TERM-1)
  2. Kings, Farmers and towns (TERM-1)
  3. Kinship, caste and class (TERM-1)
  4. Thinkers, beliefs and buildings (TERM-1)
  5. Through the eyes of travelers 
  6. Bhakti sufi traditions (TERM-1)
  7. An Imperial capital Vijayanagar  (TERM-1)
  8. Peasants, zamindars & The state
  9. Kings and Chronicles
  10. Colonialism & The countryside
  11. Rebels and the Raj
  12. Colonial cities
  13. Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement
  14. Understanding Partition
  15. Framing The constitution

Map Study

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